keskiviikko 5. marraskuuta 2008

Mike Whitney: Obaman Pieni Punainen Kirja

Obama on valittu. Jotta tilanteeseen saisi jotain positiivistakin postitan linkin Mike Whitneyn kirjoituksen Counterpunch-sivuilta:

Obama´s Little Red Book. Is Redistribution Really That Bad.

Tässä artikkelissaan Whitney kaikesta huolimatta yrittää katsoa luottavaisesti tulevaisuuteen - ainakin mitä uuden presidentin tulonsiirtolupauksiin tulee. Whitney toteaa että tulonsiirrot ovat median kannalta aina OK jos ne suuntautuvat pankkeihin tai muille Wall Street-toimijoille - mutta auta armias mikä haloo aina nousee kun joku toteaa että keskiluokan ostovoima on menetetty ja jotain tarvis äkkiä tehdä. Silloin huudetaan joukolla - kommunismia !

Redistribution is never an issue when the money is flowing upwards. It's only when working people are poised to get a few scraps that all hell breaks loose. That's when self-styled "mavericks" and their political cadres spring into action and unleash their vitriol at anyone who challenges the failed "trickle-down" dogma of the investor class. When Barak Obama naively pointed out the need to "spread the wealth" the media descended on him like a pack of feral hounds. The gaffe was followed by weeks of derision and vicious attacks. McCain branded him a the "Redistributionist-in-Chief" while his rabid friends on wingnut radio invoked the musty specter of Karl Marx.

Päivitys: Tässä tasapuolisuuden vuoksi myös toisenlaisia ajatuksia Obamasta.

Smoking Mirrors:
People think they won something. They’ve got this ticket in their hands and they are going to go down to the One Size Fits all Warehouse and claim their bright, shiny whatever the hell this thing is. They can put it on the mantel next to the photo of their dead son or daughter that didn’t come home from Iraq. For all I know, this thing will rotate and glow in the dark and they can use it for a TV antenna.

Prince Hall Mason in the White House:

Obama preaches for CHANGE. Let us see if he will change any of the following.

1. Will he restore the rights of the thousands of black Americans who have been thrown onto the street by his fellow lawyers and his Zionist banking friends? Many of who bankrolled his election campaign . WE DONT THINK SO.

2. Will he STOP the American warmongering machine? WE DONT THINK SO.

3. Will he remove the Zionist Neo-cons who control American foreign policy? WE DONT THINK SO.

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