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Zahir Ebrahim: miten rahauudistus viedään läpi ?

Valitettavasti tämäkin on englanniksi. Mutta näin se menee - kaikki alkuperäinen ja tärkeä on aina ensin luettavissa jollain maailmankielellä. Onneksi moni suomalainen osaa hyvin tai melko hyvin englantia.
Etsin melkein koko illan jotain uutta mikä tuntuisi tärkeältä. Tämä artikkeli teki minuun vaikutuksen ja siksi haluan antaa muillekin mahdollisuuden lukea se. Kirjoittaja oli minulle ennestään täysin tuntematon samoin järjestö nimeltä Project Humanbeingfirst.

Monetary Reform: Who will bell the cat?

This is Project Humanbeingsfirst's response to many people's great ideas on fundamental Monetary Reforms.

We already know, since time immemorial, that permitting the monopolistic coining of money and paying interest on it to private bankers, has no commonsensical, no intellectual, no rational, and no moral grounds whatsoever. Except of course, when one's intent is to actually fill the coffers of the moneychangers. Then indeed, privatizing this most essential public common, the privilege of coining public money and charging the public gratuitous interest, is the most rational, commonsensical, and intellectual approach. For indeed, the power of debt upon a people is an intoxicatingly absolute power.

Why do sophisticated and revered economists like Ben Bernanke, and Paul Krugman, not know this? Why does the MIT department of Economics, course 14, not teach this in its courses, but it has poverty alleviation labs which look at lack of population planning as the biggest source of poverty? How about debt to bankers? Or as EHM John Perkins revealed, faking mathematics to get the developing world to believe that taking mega-loans from the World Bank is the cure to their developmental problems [8]. My first introduction to macro economics at MIT was 14.02 – and unremarkably, I never learnt all that I know today. I am glad I was only “imperfectly educated” then, for it has been easier to throw off my own yoke of ignorance.


Woodrow Wilson:
A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men who, even if their action be honest and intended for the public interest, are necessarily concentrated upon the great undertakings in which their own money is involved and who necessarily, by very reason of their own limitations, chill and check and destroy genuine economic freedom. This is the greatest question of all, and to this statesmen must address themselves with an earnest determination to serve the long future and the true liberties of men.


There you have it. The American President who signed the Federal Reserve System into existence, lamenting the power granted to the money trust. Time to take it back. But who and how? That is the question. Not what reforms to make – at least to the first order.

The following commonsensical elaboration of this blatant point was again reiterated by Project Humanbeingsfirst to yet another new proposal for monetary reform, pointing out that to bell the cat is the issue, not which bell to use.


(Video:Money Masters) As the video also narrates: these central banks are now deeply entrenched in the world's power structures, with a history of at least 300 years of legal legitimacy and institutionalized experience. These are now global institutions protected by entrenched laws in every nation, protected by paid politicians and media. They are owned by the richest families in the world which control them from their central headquarters – the Bank of International Settlements ( through an opaquely interlocking and complex ownership structure that no one can penetrate through.

So find me a “Jesus” courageous enough to alter that reality, who will cleanse the lawmaking bodies of the world of the presence of the moneychangers' influence, and bring forth new legislation which will effectively repeal those laws which originally gave power to coin money out of thin air to the moneychangers.

Unless a proposal for monetary reform addresses these issues of the grotesque reality of immeasurably entrenched global power, as an integral part of their implementation architecture, it's like I read on some website once (probably “dreams without funding [power] are hallucinations”

I keep repeating, that there is really no shortage of solutions. Julius Caesar knew it, Jefferson, Lincoln, Jackson, and JFK knew it. You know it. G. Edward Griffin Knows it. Norman Dodd knew it when he made a proposal to the Morgan Bank to return to sound banking practice in the aftermath of the Great Depression of 1930, WebOfDebt knows it, MoneyAsDebt knows it, MoneyMasters know it, and both know it. Richard Cook seems to know it too. Even Alex Jones knows it. Certainly [Congressmen] Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich [apparently know it] too. And I say – very good. Hallelujah.

Now go fund a political action group, an economics think-tank, some newspaper editorialists in the New York Times and the Washington Post, and at least [a majority of] Congresspersons' election campaigns who would [effectively] vote 'Yes' on the monetary reform Bill, and bring to power an occupant in the White House willing to sign it even at the risk of assassination, with a Vice President and a House Speaker who will not rescind it if the abhorrence comes to pass, if you want to stop hallucinating.

This is how the banksters did it – and all the time their well meaning antagonists, and at least since 1913, have only been spouting platitudes. Nothing new is being said today, that has not been stated tens of times before. And I can now verify this because I have spent considerable time researching this topic. But this is hardly news to anyone who can write such an outstanding proposal as the one in this article.

The game is lost in the current round my friends. And I pray that I am entirely wrong, that indeed, the sheer think-system invented by the “Music Man”, and the platitudes of the prophets of antiquity, do win out in the real world at some point – not today though.

Only access to, and harnessing of, real power, to minimally construct the balance of power, if not overwhelming victor's power, and fighting political power with political power, military power with military power, can alter any existent reality that is counter to the interests of those presently wielding the power. Sorry to be stating a blatant truism to make the obvious point.

Hope this helps clarify matters and helps focus or redirect attention of those with the wherewithal and genuine stamina to endure the course, to how to politically instrument monetary reform. Of course this is intimately tied to what reforms, because that determines the level of inertia and opposition, but nevertheless, without political power (and access to wealth to get that power), it is meaningless to spend further time in researching what reforms to make.

There are plenty of known solutions, many are even proven solutions which need no further study to pick from as the first pass reform. Fine tuning can occur over time if suitable legislation is drafted.

Who will bell the cat?

How will the cat be belled?

We already have several shiny new and antique bells to choose from. It's pointless crafting any more new bells. That's all your proposal is, a new, or even an old, bell. Get to the next stage please.

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim

© Project HumanbeingsfirstTM. Permission granted to use freely as per copyright notice.

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Seven Star Hand kirjoitti...

Hello Lars,

So, why should all of humanity be forced to suffer and struggle any longer, now that the entire global financial system has been exposed as a mind-boggling deception, within many other deceptions? No one in their right mind would continue to be enslaved by a proven deception, which is also proven to be undeniable slavery-by-proxy !!!

The derivatives scams alone have grown to more than 10-times the entire global GDP (at last counting) and are now failing because the scam/pyramid scheme broke and exposed the deception for all to see. A significant portion of global wealth and power was created and propped-up using these and other now-proven smoke and mirrors and house of cards illusions and delusions.

These deceptions have grown many times larger than the rest of the entire world economy. Consequently, there is no way that all of the world's governments combined, who themselves borrow so-called "money" from other central-bank smoke and mirror deceptions, can solve this debacle, by using more smoke and mirrors money scams. The only solutions they are offering will take centuries to repay, if ever.

Here is Wisdom...