lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2008

Kahdentoista askeleen rahauudistusratkaisu

Tässä mielenkiintoinen rahauudistusohjelma joka löytyy edellisen blogipostuksen tästä linkistä.

Kirjoitus on pitkähkö joten tämä tässä alla on vain pieni poiminta.

Silti - eräänlainen ratkaisu tämäkin. Se näyttää seuraavan Margrit Kennedyn ajatuksia jossain määrin. 1930-luvun Wörgl, Itävalta ja negatiivisen koron kokeilu tulee mieleen myös. Ja joo - valitan - englanniksi tämänkin...

Tämä ei siis ole minun kirjoittama vaan jutun kirjoittaja on Bart Klein Ikink ja jutun alkuperäinen otsikko on:

Twelve Steps to New Financial Structure - Money of the Natural Economic Order

The Solution in 12 Steps

1. Interest on money should be banned. This is the only prohibition. Return on capital is a good thing, and should not be abolished.

2. Raise a tax on money, for example, one percent per month. This is not a tax on wealth, so shares, real estate and money lent, are not taxed

3. Do not print more money, so there will be no inflation.

4. Because there is a tax on money, people will soon use the money to:
- to invest;
- to consume;
- to lend without interest.

5. Because on money lent, no interest may be charged:
- money will not be lent to unreliable individuals, businesses and structures.
- less money will lent and more money will be directly invested in equities and real estate.
- money will only be lent to reliable people, people with collateral and well-financed companies can borrow without interest.

6. Therefore there will never be an economic crisis, because money is spent directly and there are no bad loans.

7. Because all money is directly used for investment or consumption, everyone is at work and the economy grows steadily at maximum speed.

8. The financial sector is largely superfluous, and that is a good thing, because this sector produces nothing and destabilises the economy. People working in financial services will get another job quickly, because the economy grows steadily at maximum speed.

9. Governments also need much less to interfere with the economy. The people who did this work, get another job quickly.

10. As the economy grows constantly at maximum speed, and because no more money is printed, prices will fall. Therefore loans with zero percent interest will have a return that is probably higher than the interest rate you will get at the bank now. The money you lent will be worth more when the loan matures.

11. If one country chooses to apply this system, it will attract capital from other countries since the return of loans with zero percent interest rate is higher than the yield on interest in other countries (bizarre but true!). Therefore, all other countries will need to do this, if one country has changed its money system in this way.

12. Now everyone is free. There is no fear in the economy and there will always be work for the workers and there will always be customers for viable businesses. Nobody has debts.

A call to action

If you understand the message and you understand the situation we are in, you see that our society is in great danger. Bankers and governments may ward off collapse, but this comes with a staggering price tag of ever increasing inflation and moral hazard. This will in the end eat away the fabric of our society. Therefore the time for action is now. First of all, the knowledge must be spread. What to do next, is up to you.

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