tiistai 28. lokakuuta 2008

Etelä-Kalifornian painajainen


Asuntojen pakkolunastukset ja huutokaupat on rankka todellisuus miljooonille. Vaikea tajuta miten moni kokee täydellisen menetyksen kun vuosien työn hedelmä - oma asunto menetetään eikä mitään saa tilalle.
Video on 12 min ja sisältää sellaista mitä ei voisi edes kuvitella todeksi. Ihmettelen itse eniten sitä että upouutta vastahankittua kunnon täyarvoista irtaimistoa pitää tuhota ja viedä kaatopaikalle.

Videon esittelyteksti:

Episode 101

Foreclosure Alley

For the past few years, the Inland Empire in Riverside County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the state - home to a major housing boom. But now the Inland Empire is pretty much the poster child for the foreclosure crisis. In the newer developments, house after house sits vacant - either up for auction, for sale by a bank or going for what’s called a “short sale” which is when the owner owes more than the house is worth.

SoCal Connected tracked down some surreal sights associated with the crisis - a company that specializes in removing whatever people leave behind in their foreclosed homes. The process is called a “trashout” - a term the company came up with because it perfectly describes what happens. Everything that’s left is dumped in a trailer and taken to the landfill.
Then there’s the guy who started a business to spray-paint dead lawns. That’s right. He paints brown lawns green. We also tag along with a couple of code enforcement officers who are spending more and more of their time having to drain slimy, abandoned pools.

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