tiistai 4. elokuuta 2009

Byron Dale puhuu rahasta ja pankeista

Todella tärkeä puhe jota jokaisen kannattaa yrittää kuunnella vaikkei osaisikaan kovin hyvin englantia. Ja tietysti - olin ihan unohtaa: Byron Dale on "populistinen pelle", eikö vai Pasi Matilainen.

Byron Dale is an invited speaker at the Kansas City CNC Convention.

If all money is created as debt (it is).
Then, no money has been created as final payment (because all of the debt money gets paid back to the bank).
Therefore, in the aggregate, our retirees have never received full and final payment for their production (the infrastructure that they have built, and that we all enjoy and use everyday).

So, the US Government can and should monetize the past production of the US citizens that have built everything that you see around you (wealth)

part 2

Byron Dale´s blog: Money As Wealth

What can debt-free, wealth-based, infrastructure funding be used for?

In addition to bridges and roads and the corresponding sewer systems:

1. The Electrical Grid
2. Green Energy
3. Solar and Wind
4. Fiber Optic Cable
5. Energy Platforms
6. Pipelines
7. Geothermal
8. Power Plants
9. Airports
10. Rail Transport
11. Levies and Dams
12. Ports
13. Refineries
14. Upgrades and Maintenance on the Above
15. Personal Rapid Transit

Each time we use this principal to fund infrastructure we spend inflation free, debt free money into the economy. In other words, we all get "richer". There is more money to go around and we live in a better society.
That's just the beginning.

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