perjantai 22. helmikuuta 2008

McCain-skandaali nousemassa

Jopa New York Times julkaisi artikkelin joka heittää epäilyksiä McCainin suhteen. Mies on mahdollisesti pelehtinyt lobbausjärjestön kaunottaren kanssa ja on joutumassa ahtaalle. Tekopyhässä ja moralistisessa USA:ssa McCain on jo saattanut maineensa vaakalaudalle - ja kuka muu kuin Ron Paul voi taas astua esiin puhtaine papereineen ja päästä loppukamppailuun Mike Huckabeen kanssa?

George Washington's Blog
Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now that the New York Times has gone public with John McCain's affair, Ron Paul has a real shot at picking up a lot of McCain's supporters.

Ron Paul announced that he was temporarily scaling back his campaign; but he did not say he was dropping out. Indeed, Dr. Paul decided several weeks ago to:

"Stay in the presidential race in the hope that a scandal would cripple McCain and leave Paul going head to head with Huckabee but essentially shift all campaigning efforts to focus on his Congressional seat which is now under threat."

With the Times' revelations about McCain, this may have been a very wise strategy indeed. The race may suddenly be wide open again.

Päivitys: Oikeastaan tämä uutinen ei ole mikään yllätys .."koska pyrkiihän tässä kolme roistoa valkoiseen taloon" The Nation uutisoi:

McCain's 'bombshell': actually it's not a bombshell, nor even a surprise, once you realise that three crooks are running for President

'According to two former McCain associates who became "disillusioned" with the Senator, McCain admitted to "behaving inappropriately" with telecommunications lobbyist Vicki Iseman. The Times reports that McCain denied allegations of a romantic relationship, and he "declined repeated interview requests, beginning in December. He also would not comment about the assertions that he had been confronted about Ms. Iseman." The article raises several other allegations about McCain's acceptance of corporate favors, private jet rides, corporate contributions, and conflicts of interests with companies that he oversaw as a U.S. Senator

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