keskiviikko 26. joulukuuta 2007

Ron Paul in järjestelmällinen sensurointi

Ohessa todella täydellisen tuntuinen raportti siitä miten valtavirtamedia on tehnyt lähes kaikkensa Ron Paul´in vaientamiseksi. Raportti on pitkä ja täynnä esimerkkejä. Nyt ei ole mahdollista lähteä kääntämään se suomenkielelle.

Masentavaa lukemista. Mutta - tästä kaikesta huolimatta Ron Paul oikeasti johtaa monia tilastoja. Hänen kannatuksensa kasvaa päivä päivältä vaikka kerätyt 18 miljoonaa dollaria ovat
edelleen käyttämättä.

"Censoring Ron Paul - Why the rEVOLution will not be televised

-UN-Believable! Late December, and Rasmussen STILL won't include the six-million-dollar man in their polls, despite fundraising that's long-since surpassed Thompson's, Romney's, Giuliani's. For the few of you who still trust the mainstream, please stop. -Bloomberg "news" column discusses all presidential candidates except . . . (surprise, surprise) . . . Ron Paul. -This is typical Big media news coverage. There's a facade of neutrality, but of all the ways to write this headline, ABC "news" chooses the most hostile spin possible. Read ABC's sub-headings: Opposing, Denying, Cutting, Rejecting. ABC also refused to air the Ron Paul interview. It's available online. -This Fox "News" broadcast is similar. ALL the candidates have Merry-Christmas ads. Only Ron Paul is put on the spot to defend it. The interviewer goes on to promote the Ron-Paul-is-racist meme. As usual, Dr. Paul answers very thoughtfully. pushes Ron-Paul-is-a-Nazi rhetoric. I suspect this persistent meme results from Ron Paul's philosophical objection to our annual $5 billion gift to Israel. I'll bet ten bucks they don't post this photo of Hillary Clinton with convicted drug dealer and cocaine smuggler Jorge Cabrera. Don't even get me started on the Clintons' criminal history. -AP News: Ron Paul is a spoiler, i.e. not a real candidate. The article is factually incorrect when it says polls show no indication he can win any primaries. -I should probably stop bothering with this propaganda paper, but the NY Sun continues smearing Paul. I think they're scared. -Wonkette tries to coin the slur "Paultards," as Neo-Libs join Neo-Cons. (Psst, they're the same people.) -NBC's Tim Russert conducts openly hostile interview with Ron Paul. He discusses statements Ron Paul made in the 80's to split hairs about issues insignificant to Dr. Paul's current platform. As usual, Paul answers all questions thoughtfully. "News" man Russert ends interview with ominous: "Be safe on the campaign trail." -Best-selling author says assassination of Ron Paul has been discussed by power-brokering elites. (Follow-up: Neo-Con personalities among them.) Remember, they killed Bobby Kennedy after he won the California primary. -Great YouTube compilation of Ron Paul slander in mainstream press. -The organizers of a political dinner in San Francisco cancelled their straw poll after it became apparent Ron Paul would win."

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