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Schechter: Luotamme nykyään velkaan

Danny Schechter koki tarpeelliseksi tehdä elokuvan nykypäivän yleisestä ilmiöstä: velkaantumisesta ja velkakierteeseen joutumisesta.
Niinpä hänen uusin elokuva on nimeltään In Debt We Trust - eli suomeksi Luotamme Velkaan.

Elokuva osoittaa miten ostosparatiisi on korvannut tehtaan Amerikan talousveturina ja miten luottokorttiyhtiöt ovat ostaneet lainssäädäntävallan tarkoituksenaan ajaa meidät maaorjiksi tai sanoisiko vaikka uustorppareiksi. Jättipankit kotimaassa ja ulkomailla ovat tuhansien miljardien velkojina.

IN DEBT WE TRUST shows how the mall replaced the factory as America's dominant economic engine and how big banks and credit card companies buy our Congress and drive us into what a former major bank economist calls modern serfdom. Americans and our government owe trillions in consumer debt and the national debt, a large amount of it to big banks and billions to Communist China.

Schechter sanoo itse:
IN DEBT WE TRUST started out to be a film about what I thought were other people's problems. I came to realize how deeply they affect me as well. The experience of making this film has led me to understand how many ways policies and practices are tied to a growing national debt burden and have an impact on my personal finances.

Even as a former network journalist and long-time investigative reporter, I was shocked and outraged when I started probing the roots of these issues.

This is a problem involving millions of people and billions of dollars yet it is downplayed and rarely discussed in all of its disastrous dimensions. It's about a growing inequality that some experts fear will lead to a new 21st century serfdom. It's about the transfer of wealth from working people into the vaults and accounts of a relatively small number of financial institutions and real estate interests. The lenders are profiting by charging usurious rates and doing so legally, in part, because they have mastered the art and science of marketing products and then manipulating media, politicians, and political institutions.

Schechter haluaisi vaikuttaa taloudelliseen oikeudenmukaisuuteen jotta nykyinen luotottamisvalta avautuisi demokratialle. Tämä on mielestäni melko samaa kuin tämän blogin perusajatus.

My hope is that this film will spark a national response-a demand for economic fairness and justice, regulation in the public interest, along with a heightened sense of personal responsibility by consumers seduced by the false promise of "free money."

What's been called the "democratization of credit" has led to the democratization of dependency. It has created an unsustainable society, trapping millions in a financial hole they can't escape from and often do not understand.
Katso tästä elokuvan arvostelu (You Tube)

"Have we got the movie for you. "IN DEBT WE TRUST" is a sort of economics lesson meets Supersize Me.... ...the facts Schechter sprinkles throughout are mind-boggling...Come to think of it, Schechter has created about as sexy a film as possible on the topic of consumer debt."

- Orlando Weekly

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