tiistai 27. toukokuuta 2008

Voimallinen sana - EI !


Mielenkiintoinen sivusto missä osoitetaan miten voimallista on kieltäytyä jostain - tai kieltäytyä hyväksymästä jotain mitä meille yritetään tyrkyttää.

Sivuston alussa on myös kirje joka on osoitettu maailman"valtaeliitille". Ei mitenkään kansalaisten valitsemalle sellaiselle vaan tämä valtaeliitti on itse itseään nostanut valtaan. Kirje on hienosti muotoiltu joten laitan sen tähän liitteeksi:

Open letter to the ruling elite.

This is an open letter to our ruling elite and its shills. For centuries now you have brought death and misery upon us. If we don’t stop you now, you will kill or enslave all of mankind. Having power over other humans brings along responsibility for their well-being. You and your ancestors had plenty of opportunity to make this world a better place. Instead you supremacist, self-chosen, parasitic psychopaths chose to treat us like cattle.
  • You have murdered hundreds of millions of us in wars for your selfish financial and political gains.
  • You have starved to death hundreds of millions of us because of your hate and greed.
  • You have killed millions of us with your false flag terrorism.
  • You burned us by the hundreds of thousands with phosphor and atomic bombs.
  • You have stolen our water, land, towns and livelihoods.
  • You have enslaved us with your taxes, interest, rents, your inflated home and energy prices.
  • You have destroyed our families and marriages with your promotion of feminism, promiscuity, homosexuality, single parenthood, divorce, third-date-sex and cohabitation.
  • You have poisoned our children with your drugs and perversions.
  • You have destroyed our health with your pollution, poisoned food, pharmaceuticals and depleted uranium.
  • You have sedated us with your fluoridated water, professional sport, sex, music and television.
  • You have filled our heads with your perpetual lies and deceptions on just about anything we know.

And just when you think it can’t get any worse you embodiment of Satan embark on introducing a one world global dictatorship. You are making preparations to microchip, cull and enslave us like cattle. You genetically modify our staples such as rice and wheat, to make them resistant to the diseases you are about to spread so that you can control the production and availability of food.

You have forfeited the right to exist.

You are not just sickingly greedy, you are hell-bent to spread evil and destroy the world.

This is not just an open letter, it is a declaration of war. We, the people that you treat as if God created us as your slaves, curse you. May you and your families, your ancestors and descendants burn in eternal hell. May your flesh rot on your body, may everything you touch burn like red hot steel. May the children in your wombs die and everything you own turn into dust. You are scum, a pest in human shape and a disgrace to mankind.

2 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hei oikeesti tää kirje on jo tosi naurettava. :D

Onhan se tietysti helppo syyttää kaikesta pahasta jotain "suurempaa voimaa". En kiellä etteikö maailmaa mahdollisesti hallitsisi tietyt rikkaat suvut, mutta silti.

Lars Osterman kirjoitti...

kyll kyll..no sulla on oikeus olla mitä mieltä tahansa.
Mutta sen sanon - että sulla on paljon opittavaa vielä. Jännää aikaa edessä sulla.

Kun ajattelen mitä itse tiesin näistä asioista 20-kymppisenä niin ...