keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2007

Valuuttakauppaspekulaatio 3,200 miljardia dollaria päivittäin

Uskomatonta mutta totta.

Maailman valuttamarkkinoilla liikkuu aivan uskomattomia rahasummia - päivittäin. Keskimääräinen summa - 3,200 miljardia dollaria vastaa Saksan vuoden bruttokansantuotetta. Vertailuna Suomen valtion budjetti n. 35 miljardia euroa. Suomen BKT 2006 oli n 169 mrd euroa.

"Trade in global currency markets has soared over the past three years and is now worth more than $3.2 trillion a day - roughly equal to the annual output of Germany, the world's third largest economy.

Daily turnover has jumped by a hefty 71% from $1.9 trillion in 2004, fuelled by high activity from hedge funds and "black box" computer trading, the Bank for International Settlements said yesterday in a survey it conducts every three years.

BIS, which acts as a forum for the world's central banks, also found that Britain has strengthened its position as the world's biggest foreign exchange centre at the expense of the United States."

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