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American monetary act

Tässä Richard C Cook esittelee lyhyesti monetary actin - eli rahapoliittisen uudistuksellisen lakiehdotuksen jota asiantuntijat ovat työstäneet vuosia. Lakiehdotus tuo mukanaan radikaaleja muutoksia joiden myötä Yhdysvalloista tulisi maailman ensimmäinen aito talousdemokratia missä valtio kuluttaisi rahaa talousjärjestelmään sekä lainaisi ennenäkemättömän edullisin ehdin rahaa kansalaisille. Jopa perustulo on agendassa ! Mutta - tässä Richard C Cook:

On the AMI website at is a remarkable document, the American Monetary Act. The product of several years of work by Zarlenga and his network, which now includes a number of local chapters around the country, the American Monetary Act would replace today’s debt-based monetary system with one where the government spends or loans money directly into circulation.

Under the Act, the Federal Reserve would be retained as a national financial clearinghouse but would no longer be a bank of issue. The system would be overseen by a Monetary Control Board within the U.S. Treasury Department. The Act also includes a provision for a citizens’ dividend, similar in some respects to the Alaska Permanent Fund, which would inject desperately needed purchasing power into the economy without additional government debt or taxation.

Also promoting a citizens’ dividend, by the way, is Stephen Shafarman in his important new book, Peaceful, Positive Revolution. (Tendril Press, 2008)

It’s the American Monetary Act the candidates and delegates in Denver should skip one of their parties to read, because it’s the only way any of their hopes for America can ever be realized. Says AMI’s Jamie Walton:

“This is a crucial time. Things are happening. We have got some key media people talking and writing about our kind of reforms. The inertia is starting to yield. Things are starting to roll. The worsening conditions in 2009 will give us a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be heard above the propaganda.”

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